Alison Schneider and Guthrie Prentice grace this week's style feature. (Photo: Catherine Burgess)

Style Feature

A look at student style in Halifax


Alison Schneider - New Scotland inspired

That coat! In a sea of black and grey, Alison Schneider's tartan trench is a real eye catcher, to say the least.

"I thought the jacket was very New Scotland," said the Ontario native. "It makes me feel inspired."

This stylish lady says that lately her style has been taking hints from looks of the '70s and '80s. But she says that no matter what's influencing her at the moment, she always has an Oxford or Cambridge inspired twist.

She found her brown leather bag on Etsy, and it was locally made in Halifax.

Her red scarf, tartan trench, tote and Oxford-style shoes are fantastic together. Cheers to Alison for gracing the Halifax streets with her colourful autumn style.

Alison graduated from Saint Mary's University in January with a Masters in International Development studies. She currently works at the writing centre at SMU.


Guthrie Prentice - Classic mentalist

When I arrived at the Student Union Building at Dalhousie University, a woman advised that I head up to the CKDU radio station office to find some stylish folk. It was one helpful tip, because that's where I met Guthrie Prentice, one of the most interesting people I've bumped into on the Dalhousie campus.

I was intrigued by that mysterious look of his and apparently I was dead on.

"It's meant to look a little mysterious," said the Dal math major about his style.

Guthrie is a magician and mentalist by trade. He models his style after the classic mentalists.

As for the fedora, the mentalist shows us how it's done, folks. The fedora is an accessory that has been abused in recent years, what with those silly little fedoras perched on people's heads, an attempt to complement jeans and a V-neck T-shirt. No. As a rule, one does not wear a fedora with jeans and a T-shirt.

But Guthrie's take on it is classic. He knows how to wear a fedora correctly. I have great respect for anyone who opts to wear a fedora this classic way and pull it off (for another example of appropriate fedora-wearing, please see Humphrey Bogart). Good on you, Guthrie.

He had a tux jacket with him as well, which he said belonged to his grandfather.


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