The tiles for the Trans-Mosaic set out and ready to be fired in a kiln. (Photo: Lucas Newhook)

Transgender community remembers and honours

The Youth Project of Halifax's Trans-Mosaic gives trans-people hope for the future and remembers past suffering


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The Transgender Day of Remembrance is on Nov. 20, but the community is preparing for it now; they gathered Thursday to paint tiles for the Trans-Mosaic.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance is reserved to remember trans-people who have suffered or died because of who they are. Previously, it has been a day of reflection and sadness, but the Youth Project of Halifax hopes to add some celebration to the day.

The Youth Project is an organization that offers support to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth throughout Nova Scotia. Sandra Bornemann, the organization's outreach co-ordinator, says that many felt that the Transgender Day of Remembrance felt very negative and they wanted "to add something positive, while still being about remembrance."

So they created the Trans-Mosaic. Each year, the Youth Project brings members and allies of the LGBT community together to honour people or groups who have given support to the trans-community by painting their names and symbols onto ceramic tiles. After the tiles have been fired in a kiln, it is added to a continuously growing mosaic on the wall of the Youth Project headquarters in Halifax.

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Learn about the 12 tiles being added to the trans-mosaic this year. (Slideshow: Lucas Newhook)

This year's tiles will be added to the mosaic on Nov. 17.



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