Students in the Wardroom at King's College cheer when Barack Obama is elected the new president (Photo: Colin Parrott)

University students gather to watch U.S. election

Students at Dalhousie's Grad House and King's College's Wardroom were out in full force to see who would be elected the next president of the United States

Students in Halifax screamed, hugged and chanted when Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States of America at midnight last night.

Students moved couches and rearranged tables at Dalhousie’s Grad House and King’s College’s Wardroom to watch the election coverage on CNN.

Crowds were heavily in favour of Barack Obama.

“I’m hoping for Obama because he seems like a down-to-earth guy, the kind of guy I could actually approach on the street and talk to. Also, I don’t feel too comfortable with Sarah Palin potentially being in office,” said Matt Hurshman, a Dalhousie student enjoying a beer at the Grad House.

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Students in Halifax have their say in the 2008 U.S. election

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Students in Halifax talk about who they want to win the 2008 US election. (Video: Alyssa Feir / Editing & Photos: Colin Parrott)

About 30 students packed the small room on the second floor of the Grad House, vying for seats around a table or a spot on one of the couches.  The Dalhousie Association of Graduate Students hosted the event - it even provided the munchies.

“I’m hoping for an Obama win, mainly because I think, much like a lot of folks in the rest of the world outside the United States, that Obama would really be the most beneficial for the world as a whole,” said Kate Dalgleish, originally from Calgary. “And for the United States’ reputation on the world stage.”

At the Wardroom on the King’s College campus, about 40 Obama supporters cheered as Obama’s picture appeared alongside a blue checkbox on the screen. The crowd shouted - some even celebrated with shots  - as he gradually won more states as results from the West came in.

“I’m hoping for Obama to win the election. I feel that contrary to his previous record, McCain’s choice of Governor Palin as a running mate shows an uncharacteristic lack of judgement that undermines his candidacy,” added Graham McGillivray, a student hanging out in the Wardroom.

While the atmosphere may not have been as lively as Grant Park in Chicago, where Obama made his first speech as president-elect, it’s evident that Canadians care greatly about American politics.

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Colin...awesome photo! Best one I've seen from the election coverage yet...

Posted by Emilie | Nov 5, 2021