Website hypes Halifax entertainment provides an alternative to local entertainment listings

Ryan Meaney runs Halifax Hype with the help of five student volunteers. (Photo: Heather Gillis)

Ryan Meaney runs Halifax Hype with the help of five student volunteers. (Photo: Heather Gillis) is Ryan Meaney's latest entrepreneurial endeavour.

The website, which promotes bands, venues and events in Halifax, is launching this week.

"I dreamed up the idea about a year ago and I've been working on it for about the last six months," says Meaney.

"I saw a need for a new website for what's going on in Halifax."

Enlarge Image Enlarge image streamlines the entertainment scene in Halifax. (Photo: Patrick Odell)

Meaney has a marketing degree from Dalhousie University and a master's degree in public relations from Mount Saint Vincent University. He combined his love of marketing and public relations to create a website that streamlines the Halifax entertainment scene.

The site categorizes popular bars, restaurants, bands and DJs and lists a description, specials, upcoming gigs, links, and profile details for each user.

Meaney says people can use it with their friends when they're deciding where to go on a Friday night.

The site operates like a social network because users can upload profiles and generate their own content, says Halifax Hype's communications director, Janine Basha.

"I do believe any opportunity to get the word out about what's going on in our pub will certainly assist," says Joe McGuinness, manager of Durty Nelly's, an Irish pub in downtown Halifax.

McGuiness said he got on board because the site looked good and was easy to use.

The Hype team strives to keep content current. Meaney meets with the venue managers each month to make sure there are no inconsistencies between what the website shows and what the band or venue is promoting via other means.

SIFE connection

This is Meaney's second entrepreneurial project sponsored by Students In Free Enterprise, a student run organization that aims to advance entrepreneurship in Canada.

Meaney runs Halifax Hype with the help of five SIFE volunteers who work for two hours a week.

Meaney's first project was a dog-walking business. It took off and became his full-time job within three months.

He hopes Halifax Hype will turn out the same way.

"In a year, I want it to be the thing that everyone checks to see what's going on," he says.

This summer, Halifax Hype will expand to the tourism industry. It will partner with Destination Halifax to write weekly entertainment reviews and continue to promote upcoming events.

If all goes well, Meaney hopes to expand his business to another province in a year or two.

"You have to take risks to be an entrepreneur," he says.

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