Video: Metro Transit strike: student response

Response from students at Saint Mary's to Halifax's Metro Transit bus and ferry strike on Feb. 2, 2012.

Disclaimer: contains strong language

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I think it's silly to support the transit workers, people automatically just hear union vs. company and take the union's side because they want to fight the 'big bad corporation'. The company has to keep it's costs within boundaries and I think the offers that have been made to the union were fair, shifting is not the whole issue. Metro Transit's original offer was a 6% pay increase over the next 3 years and the rostered shifting that everyone is talking/complaining about, the union said no so Metro Transit came back with a 3.5% pay increase and they could keep their current scheduling scheme. Once again the union said no, they want their current scheduling scheme plus a pay increase. Personally I am not cool with more of my tax dollars going towards their salaries so that they can work when it is convenient for them. The majority of people affected by this strike are students or workers who generally make around minimum wage and don't have benefits or job security. I think it's ridiculous to expect the public's sympathy when they are so adversely affecting the incomes and livelihoods of a large portion of the city's population. At least Metro Transit is trying to negotiate, the union is not budging and being stubborn/selfish

Posted by Jonah | Feb 2, 2022