Video: Nice shoes, wanna be my FWB?

Exploring the new trend of young adults engaging in friends with benefits relationships

Students told us what they thought about friends with benefits relationships (video: Adam Scotti)


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I think for a piece like this you actually need to talk to more people about FWB. You're numbers and "studies" show a very limited take on the subject that isn't very relatable to young adults. Try talking to a couple of people who are in an FWB arrangement.

Posted by Matt | Jan 26, 2022

@ Matt. I completely disagree. I think this article is using these recent 'studies' as you call them (even though they are properly sited from a reputable research magazine) to open up a conversation on FWB. I think this is definitely of interest to young adults-- especially university students who are (arguably) just establishing themselves sexually. Opening a conversation on what is happening in a sexual relationship-- including the facts, the consequences, and some advice-- is very useful to a consenting young person.

Posted by Charlotte | Jan 29, 2022