Video: SMU student to compete for $25K at Yuk Yuk’s

Newcomer to the local comedy scene up for the challenge

WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS MATERIAL THAT MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO SOME. Kyle Hickey, shown here in his sixth performance at Yuk Yuk’s amateur night on Jan. 21, will soon compete in national competition. Video: Emilie Bourque

Saint Mary's University student Kyle Hickey has only been doing stand-up comedy for the last two months, but Yuk Yuk's club owner Mark Sauvé thinks he's got "all the tools."

"This is his sixth set, and he certainly possesses the confidence and the charm -- he strings words together well, so he's easy to listen to, which is a really big deal in stand-up."

Hickey is a third-year English student. When he finishes he hopes to teach high school, where some of his comedy might come in handy.

Until then, he's going to try to make a few bucks as a comedian to supplement his serving and bartending job at East Side Mario's.

Sauvé opened a Halifax Yuk Yuk's comedy club in October 2006, and has sent local talent to the ‘Great Canadian Laugh Off' for the last two years.

"It runs right through the country," says Sauvé. "Every Yuk Yuk's crowns a champion and sends them to Toronto to compete. They pool from 64 contestants. You either have to win a comedy club leg, or an Internet submission ... the grand champion walks with $25,000."

Hickey's excited to see how far he can go in the competition.

"I've already spent the money, so I need to win now!"

Although Hickey says he knows he might not be the next Seth Rogen or Jim Carrey, he likes stand-up and wants to keep doing it.

He comes across fairly calm on stage, but admits he's nervous before he gets up there.

"I do get very nervous. I literally pee like seven times before I get up there. It's just this nervous thing -- I gotta start wearing a diaper or something."

Other students involved in the competition will be Evany Rosen from King's (also a member of the comedy group Picnicface, and Emma Cooper from Dalhousie.

The first round of the competition starts next Wednesday, Jan. 28, and will run until the beginning of March. To see which contestants are performing on which night, contact the club.


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