Student Guide: Dylan’s guide to burgers

Top 5 burgers in Halifax

Here are my favourite burger joints in Halifax from one burger lover to another. Leave us your thoughts on the matter here and embrace with other burger enthusiasts.

Halifax has a wide variety of culinary choices available to appeal to students, especially when it comes to a good burger. As a burger enthusiast myself, I’ve gone around munching on as many different burgers as money and time will allow. Which place has the top patty is debatable, but I’ve managed to iron out my Top 5 here. Judge as you may and suggest your own in the comments or tweet us @unewsca, but leave no burger untouched.


The nacho burger at Darrell’s doesn’t crack the list, but is still phenomenal. Photo: Dylan McAteer



Your Father’s Moustache - Moustache burger

Photo: Dylan McAteer

Easily one of the strangest combinations I’ve ever heard of going into a restaurant for a burger, but I was pleasantly surprised. The combination of a beef patty with pulled pork and two onion rings is sensational. For the student who is tight with their cash, your wallet won’t groan on this one too much. Price: $14.99

5686 Spring Garden Rd., Halifax,

Darrell’s - Peanut Butter Burger

Photo: Darrell’s Facebook

I had never heard of Darrell’s before I went for their burger night and when I opened the menu I was rather surprised. There were a lot of specialty burgers with toppings I had never even thought possible for a burger. The peanut butter burger is their staple and when I took my first bite I saw why. The peanut butter blends with the burger perfectly with a savoury taste. Of course it is important to mention they have a knockout patty. I’d recommend going on a monday when it is buy one get one half off. Regular price: $12.89

5576 Fenwick St., Halifax,

Krave Burger - The Krave Burger

Photo: Dylan McAteer

The standard Krave burger is fully loaded with a unique sauce in a great bun. Advertised as all beef, no filler you really get your money’s worth here. This burger has a really fresh taste with lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard, pickles and crave sauce leaving you satisfied to the last bite. The only negative comment  I could make about their burger is that it isn’t big enough. That could just be me getting greedy and wanting more of a good thing.

5680 Spring Garden Rd., Halifax,

Relish - Cabo Diablo 

Photo: Relish

A burger dressed like Mexican food is a great way to go. Brilliant idea. Though this may not be the most popular burger on the menu, you cannot deny the savory taste. The Cabo Diablo comes with tomato jalapeño salsa, guacamole, sour cream and hot sauce. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the balance of spicy and cool on your burger, you would be missing out.

6024 Quinpool Rd., Halifax,

Ace Burger

Photo: Ace Burger facebook

To be honest, it’s not so much which style you go with as long as you have the delicious patty on there. They’re definitely a front runner for best patty, not too small, and juicy. Available at two different locations in the downtown, it’s hard to miss this burger. I’d say best patty, but not best overall burger. Let’s be honest, though, you can’t go wrong with one of their burgers, no matter what you put on it.

2605 Agricola St. or 1269 Barrington St.,