Students raise concerns about King’s Galley food safety

Manager taking steps to ensure all staff members follow proper procedures

Frances Law, left, and Ella Ramsay are both students at the University of King’s College and work at The Galley. Photo: Cara Downey

The King’s Galley cafe at the University of King’s College is a popular daytime hangout for students, but some have questioned its food safety practices.

Some staff have been observed not wearing hair nets while preparing food, while others have been noticed handling money and food.

Ocean-Leigh Peters, a masters of journalism student at King’s, said a Galley staff member who assisted her with an order did not practise proper food safety.

“The individual assisting me was handling cash then went about making my order,” Peters says.

Another student didn’t seem to have a problem.

Isabel Ruitenbeek, a first-year journalism student at King’s, said, “I’ve only been to the King’s Galley twice and it was to get coffee.”

Ruitenbeek said in those two instances there were always two people working, one on cash and the other making food.

Nick Wright, hospitality manager for the Galley, said the cafe follows Nova Scotia’s food safety rules.

“Everyone hired has their food hygiene training and certificate,” he said.

The regulations require staff to wash their hands before preparing an order for a customer.

Wright said staff are required to wear a hair net, unless they are wearing a hat with their hair pulled back and out of sight.

A trip to the Galley this week to confirm what Wright said found a staff member making food who wasn’t wearing a hair net.

The King’s Galley has been cited before by food safety inspectors.

On Oct. 4, 2013, it failed to ensure staff had the necessary food hygiene training.



This past October, it was cited for not having a valid food establishment permit before it opened. It also failed to ensure food was stored in appropriate containers.

A followup inspection, however, on Oct. 28 showed no problems.

Wright acknowledges the Galley has had problems in the past. He has also heard from customers about staff not practising proper food safety.

“There has been a crackdown on following proper procedures,” he said this week, and all staff know that they have to follow proper procedures.




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  1. Not only that, but from the time of ordering to the time of getting the food in your hand enough time has elapsed that it has begun to decompose.

  2. I personally have never had a problem with the Galley and historically the Galley is better than ever! I really think this article is using questionable evidence to prove a point.

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