Teachers and staff urged not to post about snow days

E-mail to Halifax Regional school board staff says community members have called some posts about school closures "unprofessional."

HRSB is asking teachers and staff to remember that they represent the school board. (Photo: Bhreagh MacDonald)

Teachers and staff members of the Halifax Regional School Board are being asked not to write tweets or Facebook messages about getting snow days.

HRSB’s director of human resource services, Mike Christie, sent an email on Monday with that message to 8,000 staff members.

Christie says the email was prompted by reactions of Halifax community members.

“We had received feedback from the community saying that their impression of some of the things they saw were unprofessional,” Christie says.

Some posts on Facebook and Twitter give staff members’ views of HRSB choosing to close schools, or keep them open, on stormy days.

Christie says the email doesn’t outline a new board policy on the matter, but it does recommend teachers keep their opinions discrete.

“Teachers have the right to any opinions, even if they don’t follow [those] of the school board,” Christie says. However, he notes that they should all keep in mind that the things they say on social media do represent the school board.

Christie also applauds the Nova Scotia’s Teachers Union for stressing the importance to teachers of keeping their social media accounts professional.

In 2012-13, HRSB cancelled school four times for snow days. So far this school year, there have been two cancellations.