Unclaimed coats donated to charity by bars

Lost or unclaimed credit cards held onto for months

Coats left at coat check eventually get donated to local charities

As the weather gets colder, more people will be bringing their coats to the bars, but what happens when you forget your coat or  credit card in an alcohol-induced haze?

Each bar has its own policy for forgotten or lost coats. Toothy Moose employee Adam Laviguer says the bar will hold onto the coat for two weeks before they donate it to Big Brother/Big Sisters.

A spokesperson for The Dome and Cheers was unavailable to comment but a manager at Cheers said the bar keeps coats for at least a month before donating them.

What about credit cards?

Whether a credit card with an open tab was forgotten honestly or was abandoned in an effort to dine and dash, bar owners still manage to get their money.

Laviguer says forgotten tabs can usually be charged to the credit card without the owner’s pin number by merely swiping the card through the machine.

“Occasionally people will leave a dud card, in which case we generally bar the person,” Laviguer adds.

Dan Fougere, a day manager at Bubba Ray’s Sports Bar, says they run the credit card and attach the receipt to the back. They then keep the card until someone claims it.

“More often than not people cancel them, but we don’t want to screw people over by getting rid of them. So we keep them, sometimes for months,” Fougere says.

Fougere says in the end, the server is the one who is hurt by people skipping out on tabs because while the business gets its money, the server doesn’t receive a tip.