University Movember Leaderboard

dalstache3 smustache5

Nov. 18, total: $42,096

Last year Dalhousie raised $87,850 towards prostate cancer. This year teams on the Dal network are striving towards becoming Canada’s top funders for Movember. A few leading names in the game are the Dal Rowe Mo’ bros & sistas and Dal law: “schu-like my stache?” teams.

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Nov. 18, total: $2,060

Last year SMU raised $8,000 and is hoping to beat their total with $9,000 this Movember. The school is hosting events including a bake sale, dodgeball tournament and “moustache bash” to fill out their Movember pledges.

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The Mount

Nov. 18, total: $485

The Mount’s Movember campaign is aiming to double last year’s total of $1,100.  At the Mount, the Mo-Bro’s don’t shave anything for the month. On Movember 27th, the Mo-Bro’s will all shave their faces into the style that has been chosen for them by vote.

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Nov. 18, total: $5,667

St. Francis Xavier has a Movember network, including the Moustache Society, Residences on campus, StFX Athletics, Librarians and faculty. Their network page declares, “As a community we will work together to change the face of men’s health. Together we will make a difference.”

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Nov. 18, total: $4,597 

After a successful previous year, Acadia University is back in the Movember Campaign. Led by the Acadia Business team, Acadia University plans to emerge as one of the top fundraisers amongst other schools that are similar in size.

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