What do you think? Opinions on the Dal dentistry fiasco

Students speak out on 'Gentlemen's Club' Facebook group

There is little consensus about the Dalhousie Dentistry scandal, least among the Dalhousie students themselves. UNews asked some students on the Dal campus on Wednesday what they think of the fallout from the “Gentlemen’s Club” Facebook group.

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The Dalhousie Dentistry Building. Photo: Leah Gerber
'I feel like they're (Dalhousie University) just not wanting to have a complaint filed. And that's disappointing to me. I feel let down as a female. I just feel unprotected.' Samantha Finch, Dental Hygiene, second year. Photo: Leah Gerber
'There should be consequences for these young men, but I don't think they should be suspended and basically have their entire lives ruined for one really stupid mistake.' Chad Simmons, Bachelor of Science, second year. Photo: Leah Gerber
'I'm glad that the university it taking it so seriously.' Sadia Ahmed, Engineering, first year. Photo: Leah Gerber
'I think that they should try to put more attention on how to protect the girls.' Nancy Kong, Economics, PhD student. Photo: Leah Gerber
'It's getting a little bit tiring to keep being embarrassed to wear the Dal sweater in public when I'm in Ontario.' King Tabrizi, Commerce, third year. Photo: Leah Gerber
'I do think the students should be punished pretty severely considering … the fact that they breached so many ethical codes, and that they're health professionals.' Frederica Jacks, Integrated Science, first year. Photo: Leah Gerber
'It seems like they're trying to take out the negativity of the entire rape culture on these 13 students.' Alex Crouse, Kinesiology, fourth year. Photo: Leah Gerber
'As professionals, they should have known better.' Nicolas Plourde-Fleury, Political Science, third year. Photo: Leah Gerber