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NSCAD University is a visual arts university located in Halifax, N.S. It has 837 full-time undergraduate students and 173 part-time undergraduate students, as well as 33 graduate students.[1]

NSCAD has three campuses:

  • Granville Campus, located at 5163 Duke St. This main campus is about 25,000 square feet and includes an interconnected row of former warehouses and merchant shops featuring a Victorian terrace-style layout.
  • The Academy Building, located at 1649 Brunswick St. The building was added to NSCAD in 2003 and houses the film school.
  • The waterfront Port Campus, located at 1107 Marginal Rd. The 70,000 square foot property opened in 2007. It is the primary academic hub for first-year students.

Studios at Granville campus and the Academy are accessible to students 24/7.[2]


  1. Association of Atlantic Universities
  2. Campus Map


NSCAD was founded by British teacher Anna Leonowens and a committee of Halifax citizens in 1887 as the Victoria School of Art. The Victoria School of Art offered classes in fine and industrial arts, gave arts education training to public school teachers and offered Saturday morning children’s art classes.

The first classes were held in the Union Bank building at the corner of Hollis and Prince Streets. In 1890, the school moved into three rented rooms at the Halifax Academy. It moved again in 1903 to the Old National School near the Grand Parade (now the Five Fishermen restaurant).

The Victoria School of Art was renamed the Nova Scotia College of Art in 1925 and incorporated by provincial charter.

In 1957, the college moved again to a church hall on Coburg Rd. near Dalhousie University.

The school was renamed the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1969 to recognize the importance of its design studies program. It also attained degree-granting status.

In 1970, NSCAD started restoring a city block of 19th century merchant shops and warehouses to create the downtown Granville campus. The process was completed in 1978. The university leased the buildings until 2002, when they purchased the land.

NSCAD gave Andy Warhol an honorary degree in 1972. In 1973, the magazine Art in America said NSCAD might be “the best art school in North America.”

The college was renamed NSCAD University in September 2003.[1]


  1. NSCAD History



Alumnus David B. Smith (BFA ‘92) has been president of NSCAD since August 2006. [1] After graduating from NSCAD, Smith attended MIT in Boston, graduating with a Master of Science degree in Visual Studies. From there, he joined the University of San Diego in 1997, first as a faculty member then accepting appointments as chair of the art department then as special assistant to the provost.[2]


  1. NSCAD alumnus appointed president
  2. Sean Flinn. “Rule the school; Battling high tuition rates, fundraising campaigns, new programs and campus expansions: the new NSCAD and Msvu presidents prepare for the challenges ahead.” The Coast. August 31, 2006.

University Galleries

  • Anna Leonowen’s Gallery
  • Seeds Gallery
  • Programs

    Undergraduate Programs[1]

    Historical and Critical Studies

    • Art Education
    • Art History
    • Critical Studies
    • English
    • Film Studies (Film History)


    • Ceramics
    • Jewellery
    • Textiles and Fashion


    • Digital Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Interdisciplinary Design
    • Product Design

    Fine Art

    • Drawing
    • Painting
    • Printmaking
    • Sculpture

    Foundation Program

    Media Arts

    • Film
    • Media Arts
    • Photography

    Graduate Programs[2]

    Master of Design
    Master of Fine Arts

    • Master of Fine Arts in Craft
    • Master of Fine Arts in Fine and Media Arts
    • Master of Fine Arts (Filmmaking) (degree program in development and approval process)


    1. Guide to undergraduate programs
    2. Graduate overview